Innocent Until Proven Gilly

Bonjour, mes amis! This is the luckiest day of the rest of your life, because you get to meet two entertaining guys who are always sure-fire crowd pleasers. Straight from 18th century France…

 …it’s Gilly the Guillotine and his BFF, Henri the Executioner!

Gilly the Guillotine and Henri the Executioner

These two are simply inseparable.

Gilly The Guillotine

Although he takes his job very seriously, Gilly can be a hysterical cut-up with his razor-sharp wit and ribald (sometimes offensive) humor.


Before getting his executioner’s degree, Henri worked as a foot-corn harvester and briefly as an au pair.

Gilly and Henri portrait

Beheadings and near-decapitations are only part of the fun Gilly and Henri have together. Their favorite BFF pastimes include jokes, farting,  fart jokes, berry-picking and imagining what clouds look like.

Gilly and Henri angle

One thing’s for sure: capital punishment has never been so lovable.

Awwww’f with their heads!

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  1. jenni

    hehe he has nipples!

    October 25, 2013 at 10:51 am

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