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Still Waters Run Deep

At least once a year I try to see the fabulous director John Waters in person. I’ve now been fortunate enough to see him at least a dozen times and met him on about six occasions.

Here’s a picture of us from the first time I met him, about 20 years ago (I had him sign the photo last year); we talked about his Comme des Garçons jacket and told me he loved my hair (or, as he referred to it, “your ‘do”) three times.

Scan 1

Earlier in 2017 I caught him at Burger Boogaloo, a garage-punk music festival which he hosts every summer in Oakland’s Mosswood Park. Again, I had the opportunity to see and greet him backstage where I presented him with a Croshame token of appreciation: a crocheted depiction of one of his favorite movie scenes, the baby on fire in Susan Slade.


Baby on fire scene from Susan Slade, 1961

IMG_9960IMG_7828IMG_3656In 2015, I caught John Waters’ Christmas show and made him a Christmas ornament: Divine’s character Dawn Davenport from Female Trouble.e8fec98c41d25cbbef751011f870cca4IMG_2609The gracious and polite Mr. Waters later sent me a Tom of Finland postcard thanking me for the present. Best mail day ever!

Last month for his 2017 Christmas one-man show I wanted to make him some more ornaments to go with his Divine one, so I whipped up some Raymond and Connie Marble from Pink Flamingos figures.FullSizeR_1IMG_3590FullSizeRIMG_3617IMG_3624I gave the to him at the meet and greet after the show and he loved them! He said he was sure Mink Stole would love the Connie ornament when he shows it to her at his Christmas party this year, and he also told me he still hangs my Divine ornament on his tree every year!unnamedunnamed-1What a guy!

Christmas/Holiday 2017 orders

Hi guys! I know I have been woefully neglectful of updating this blog and I apologize about that. I’ve got a lot of new content and fun stuff to show so it’s definitely something I hope to remedy in the new year! 🙂


Just a reminder that if you would like your Croshame Etsy orders to be delivered by Christmas, please get them in by DECEMBER 10th! Orders placed after December 10 are NOT guaranteed to arrive before 12/25. (I will also be closing the shop down temporarily from December 20, 2017- January 20, 2018 to get other projects completed.)

Also, the full Krampus set has been pretty popular this year. I will list it in the Etsy shop as it becomes available; I will probably be able to fit in another one or two before the holiday ordering period ends. (The set takes at least a week to complete so please bear that in mind!)


Into the Wooded Woods

Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes an image comes along that speaks to me intensely enough as to whisper directly into my brain: “Crochet me.” Recently I came across an artist whose work did just that; her name is Kamila Mlynarczyk and she goes under the moniker Wooded Woods, creating adorably disturbing little creatures, both through sculpture and drawing.

I came across one piece in particular and knew I had to recreate it in yarn:


So adorable, right?

After studying this little gal pretty intensely, I got to work making her a 3D reality.


I call her “Woodsy!”

I used a variety of different acrylic yarns, some boucle sock yarn for her hair, colored pencils for the eye shading, and front and back post stitches to create the pleating on the skirt. All of her limbs and tail have wire in them to make them movable. She was really fun to make, and I’m pretty excited about the outcome!


Please visit the Wooded Woods Etsy shop ( to check out Kamila’s great stuff for sale, and check out her newest works on her Instagram page ( to show some spooky love!

Celebrating Love Day with Sir Loves-A-Lot

Being a huge fan of cartoons my entire existence, I have always wanted to bring one to life. This Valentines Day I was inspired by The Simpsons episode “Trash of the Titans,” wherein Homer receives a present from Marge for the newly-concocted corporate holiday “Love Day.”

His name is Sir Loves-A-Lot, “the bear who loves to love.”

Enamored with this little guy, I decided to make one myself. (more…)

Stitch Fetish 5 (NSFW)

I’m proud to announce I will have a piece in the upcoming Stitch Fetish 5 group show at Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, opening February 4th.

I was honored to be asked to participate again this year by the show’s curator, Ellen Schinderman. My piece is based off of a combination of two historical art themes: The Venus of Willendorf and the Virgo Lactans (or the nursing madonna).

The Venus of Willendorf, 28,000-25,000 BCE

Maria Lactans by Lucas Cranach, c.1500

The work I made from these two inspirations is called, naturally, Venus Lactans.She stands a little over 2′ tall, has felt features and wire and beaded “lactating” details. This lovely milking maiden will be available for sale at the gallery until February 25th.

I hope some of you will get the opportunity to see her and the other wonderful pieces featured in the show!

Holiday 2016 Croshame Etsy orders

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that the Croshame Etsy store is now  accepting holiday orders until December 9th. Any pieces ordered after 12/9/16 are not guaranteed to be completed in time for Christmas delivery. Also please note that the Exorcist Playset, Baphometsy Westy, and full Krampus figure set (pictured below, click the name for Etsy links) can take up to three weeks for completion and are extremely limited.

Baphometsy:Krampus set:Exorcist Playset:  Thanks everybody! 

May the Fourth: Ooh La la!

Recently, in a galaxy relatively close in proximity, I was asked to participate in Bear and Bird Gallery‘s upcoming Stitch Wars exhibition (opening May 14th in Lauderhill, FL), an art show where fiber artists give their yarny interpretations of various Star Wars characters.  

I knew almost immediately who I wanted to recreate: Oola, Jabba the Hutt’s personal Twi’lek slave dancer from Return of the Jedi who meets her fate in the cavernous lair of the Rancor.

What can I say? I have a thing for green ladies.

Here are the results of my crocheted Oola figure…


Oola has poseable arms and legs, comes with her own chain and stands about 17.5″ tall (although figure does not stand on its own). She will be on sale during the run of the show, May 14-July 9, alongside other wonderful fibrous creations from many talented and nerdy artists!