The Filthiest Holiday Alive

Every year I have the privilege of attending cult director John Waters’ annual Christmas show, and afterwards I usually get to chat with and give him a Croshame ornament.

In years past I’ve made him a little Divine as Francine Fishpaw from Female Trouble

The next year I made him some Mink Stole and David Lochary as Connie and Raymond Marble ornaments from Pink Flamingos

The Christmas after I made him a little replication of one of his favorite movie scenes: the little baby Rogey after setting himself on fire from Susan Slade

And last year I made him the Tingler, which I just recently posted about here.

So this year I decided to make him a little electric chair ornament, complete with attached throw switch!

Not only did John love his present enough to take it home with him, but he also told me he puts all my past pieces up every year!

I only found out after I had made this year’s ornament that John decorates his prop electric chair from Female Trouble for Christmas – so now he’ll have a tiny handmade chair to hang on his life-size handmade chair.

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