2019 Croshame Digest!

Well, hi there.

I’m back on this dang blog after taking almost a year off from my crocheting work due to some physical ailments (thank you very much, burgeoning tendonitis), so I thought I’d catch you up to speed on a few things that I’ve neglected to post on the blog in the last year — all wrapped up in one nice little package!

2019 Holiday orders!

I am ready to start taking limited orders again for the holidays. Please feel free to peruse my Etsy site and see what’s available. Please note that I will only be making TWO Exorcist Playsets and TWO Krampus sets, so please get them while you can. (If you don’t see them in the listings it means they’re sold!) Orders for Christmas delivery with the United States will end on December 5th. I will not be doing personal commissions, just whatever is listed. Another important note: this is the last time I will be offering my work at these listed prices! 2020 will mark the 10th anniversary of Croshame, and in that time I have not once raised the price of my work. Due to the complexity, demand and time involved, pieces will see a price increase — so be sure to scoop up things where they are still available at these stupidly low 2010 prices! ETSY SHOP LINK CLICK HERE

(And no, I am still NOT currently selling patterns — maybe in the future.)

Halloween 2019: Bridle Sweet

Scold’s Bridles, AKA schandmaskes, were a medieval torture device used to silence women and their various “hysterias,” particularly during witchcraft trials.

They were also popularized by 20th century artists Irving Klaw and John Willie in their work and became a popular modern fetish item.

After learning about these amazing artifacts about two days prior Halloween this year, I hurriedly crocheted myself a Scold’s Bridle in about 9 hours.

I ended up wearing it to the Halloween celebrations at the San Francisco Eagle, a historic gay leather bar, so it was a perfect match!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween and made some cool costumes for themselves!

Croshame on Instagram!


I meant to post about this a long time ago, but Croshame is now on Instagram! Feel free to give a follow over at @croshameofficial where you’ll get to see all kinds of silly stuff that I won’t post on the blog — particularly great if you care about pretend holidays that the internet invented and celebrities’ birthdays!

Croshame in VANITY FAIR

John Waters Vanity Fair

This May my crochet work was included in a Vanity Fair magazine page dedicated to a few of cult director John Waters’ favorite things. Right in the middle of the array of wondrous objects — ranging from an actual prop skull from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to designer pills that turn your feces into gold — was my crocheted Tingler (#3 on the list) that I made him for Christmas last year.

Here’s John and the Tingler piece when he received it last November. Usually he has me send his Christmas gifts to Atomic Books in Baltimore but that year he took it home with him after the show.

I saw John again in May for his latest book reading/Q&A/meet and greet, I brought my copy of the article with me.

When I asked him to sign it, his face brightened. “Oh, yes! I was hoping you’d see that! You know that’s not the way my house really looks,” John told me, “That desk setup is fake; I just put a bunch of my favorite things out and they came over and took pictures.” He repeated how very glad he was that I came across the magazine, and told me he keeps his Croshame Tingler “proudly displayed” in his home with his other life-size plastic Tingler movie replica from his collection.

Well folks, that’s it for this post. I hope to be doing some interesting stuff with Croshame in 2020, but hopefully it won’t take me quite as long to post about it here in the future!

Ta-ta for now,

Shove AKA Croshame

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