Staying and Crocheting in Place

Due to the intensifying circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 situation in San Francisco and the state of California, I’m following the “shelter in place” order effective for at least three weeks, if not longer. Like much of California and the rest of the world, that means I have no regular outside employment until early April — but it also means I have plenty of time to crochet! Although I definitely understand that my crocheted objects are not an “essential need,” I still want to let people know I’m keeping my Croshame Etsy shop open, handling and making everything with masks and gloves, and mailing orders out as normal — although now with a delayed delivery date of April 7th.

I’m also offering affordable, non-crocheted digital drawing caricature portrait commissions (see sample gallery below), available in my Etsy store for $15 for black and white, available here, and $20 for color, available here.

I understand not everyone has the financial means to spend on art right now, and many others are also sheltered in place — so to pass the time, hopefully you’ll have some fun with the free Croshame patterns featured below!

Welcome to the Martyr-Dome (free pattern) | Croshame

Digging Your Own Grave: A Free Pattern | Croshame

Rashes are Red, Violence is Blue, Here’s A Free Gory Pattern Just For You! | Croshame

The Bunny Ring: A pattern and tutorial! | Croshame

Wishing you a Very Logical New Year | Croshame

Thanks for all your support through the years. Hopefully we’ll all get through this strange and trying time by sticking together… and staying six feet apart. Be safe, everyone!

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