Currently Crocheting

Late last year I was delighted to be contacted by David Tibet ( of the band Current 93, who wrote to tell me he was an admirer of my work and asked me to make an Exorcist Playset and a couple of Anton Crochet devil hats for him and his partner — another gifted artist named Ania Goszczyńska ( Not only is David a fan of the Exorcist, but he also studies the ancient Akkadian languages of Babylonian and Assyrian and their ancient dieties, including Pazūzu (the demon who possessed Regan in the book and movie) — a character David had portrayed in several artworks for his most recent show at Cal State Fullerton’s Bergovich Gallery, Invocation Of Almost.

We worked out an art exchange, but before he had even sent me my part of the trade, David graciously mailed me a beautiful package of appreciation featuring albums, prints, postcards, and some beautiful work from his series The Light is Leaving Us All.

David’s generosity was so astounding I wanted to include a little something extra in my package to him, so I crocheted him a miniature Noddy figure to keep his Regan doll company.


My package made it over the pond safely, and now my Exorcist Playset has the distinction of being amongst David and Ania’s amazing collection of vintage artifacts, collectibles and tchotchkes — and their custom Anton Crochet hats fit perfectly!


I also received a gorgeous painting by David, which I framed and put up in my bedroom for inspiration.


Sometimes the world and fate works in mysterious ways. I feel so blessed to have had our “Currents” collide and to have befriended these very talented artists, whom I look forward to working with again in the future.

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