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So I guess a bunch of blogs are posting and re-posting my Exorcist playset, according to the astonishing increase in visits to this blog and my Ravelry page. Well, awesome-tastic! A big old welcome to all you people stopping in — I have a lot of new stuff coming out in the next couple of weeks, including some fun stuff for the Horrordays (aka un-Holidays), so stay tuned and thanks for stopping in!
P.S. Please feel free to let me know what you think!
P.P.S. Yes, I do internet searches for my own shit. Don’t pretend like you don’t do it too.

Yeah, it’s another effin’ blog.

Hey everyone. I’m excited and proud to present this space to showcase my crochet art, as well as introduce you to some other awesome artists, impart some techniques, share good (and bad) resources, and lay down some of my artistic mental anguish for you. The Croshame blog will probably be in transition for a couple of days as I set it up and figure out the WordPress details (and exactly what I’m doing here). If you want some wheres, whos, howfores ‘n’ whatzits you can check out the various pages I’ve set up that explain the situation as I’ve envisioned it thus far.
Okay, I’m gonna go now, but you can stop crying and let go of my apron strings. I’ll be back for more posts soon, including an entry about why Debbie Stoller is my new arch-enemy.
Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!