Crochetin’ in Blood

I think I speak from experience when I say twisted minds sometimes have too much time on their hands… especially if those hands happen to be attached to the arms of a Slayer fan. (NSFW video evidence here!)

Well, you know what they say… if thine arm offends thee, slice it off.

Uhhh… don’t worry dude, I’m pretty sure it’ll grow back!

This once-menacing hand gesture of “HAIL SATAN” has been unfortunately morphed into the ultra lame, mom-like “YAY! THIS ROCKS!” over recent years.

Needle felted arm carving? Those crazy kids! What’ll they think up next?

DAMN! My favorite bracelet! I knew I forgot something at the show last night!

Available for sale in the Croshame Etsy store here!

One response

  1. SLAYER fanatics everywhere rejoice. We finally have something to give normal people for Christmas.

    June 6, 2012 at 12:44 pm

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