Maker Faire, Maker Faire, Make Me a Match

So yeah, this blog has been a little neglected over the last couple of weeks… but there’s a good reason why.

I’ve been accepted into the Bay Area Maker Faire Bazaar Bizarre craft show!

Yes, coming up this May 19th & 20th at the San Mateo Event Center, Croshame will have its very own booth in the Bazaar Bizarre tent at Maker Faire. I’ve been busy as a bee on speed working my tendons into pulp to crochet up my old standard pieces as well as designing some new stuff that will be premiered at the Faire!

CRAFTS! INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS! ROBOTS! FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS! ADAM FREAKIN’ SAVAGE! There are going to be so many wonderfully creative and amazing displays, speakers, teachers and projects that there’s sure to be something for everyone. If you live in the Bay Area or Northern California area (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter), I highly encourage you to attend! Discounted “Early Bird” tickets are now available through the Maker Faire site.

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