Hooray everybody! After working tirelessly for the last two weeks, I have finally completed my first listings for the brand new Croshame etsy shop!

Meet the store’s inhabitants:

HOGTIED! Available here.
Hogtied Full
Hogtied fork lift
RODNEY RAMHORN! Available here.
Rodney Ramhorn Full Shot
Rodney Ramhorn - Face
And last but not least, the EVIL ELVES FAMILY! These elf guys are some of the biggest figures I have made so far!
The Evil Elves
There’s Grandpa GOREY! Available here.
Gorey full
Evil Elf: Gorey (closeup)
MIDWICH, available here.
Midwich the Evil Elf
Midwich super closeup
ADDAM, available here.
Addam full view
Addam tree peek!
And finally, little Miss KAREN PINK. Available here.
Karen Pink full view
Karen tree peek!
Please stop on by and have a look, maybe drop a heart or two. 🙂
There will be more work posted soon, including some fun new Horror-day ornaments with a cult movie twist. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that I can see you quivering with ANTICIP… ATION! (Hint, hint!)

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