Etsy shop update – 1.16.11

This year I will be trying to update the Etsy store on a weekly basis and making regular posts about it here. Not to worry though, the blog won’t become one gigantic commercial! I will also be posting more reviews, articles and some other fun stuff. (Youtube videos, anyone?)

Anyway, onto the current matter at hand:

New Etsy stuffs for your enjoyment!

Wolfy the Werewolf:

Werewolf A-were-ness month is fast approaching us and Wolfy needs a home!

Tuggin At My Heartstrings:

The perfect Valentine’s Day present for that special someone who stole your heart.

and Monkey Shines:

When a debilitating slip on a banana peel put him out of work at the Peanut Gallery, Mr. Shines just couldn’t face living anymore…

so why not let him hang out at your place?


One response

  1. Thats it. Im offically in love with everything you make and I aspire to create things as creepy as this! Thanks!

    March 4, 2011 at 8:25 pm

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