Have your ‘shame and eat it too!

Normally, crocheted ice cream tends to look a little something like this…
Ouch Cream group back view
But I’ve taken this amigurumi favorite and smothered it with a nice helping of Croshame.

Who wants

Ouch Cream group shot

These cuties are now at the Croshame Etsy Store in four painfully delicious flavors!
Chocky close up
Vanilla fully
And strawberry:
Strawberry closeup

As an added bonus, all Ouch Cream Cones come with their own sticker-tag!
Ouch Creams
Ouch Creams with stickers
Scoop ’em up quick before they all melt away!

One response

  1. Ana

    poor boy! necesita una lamidita jeje

    January 15, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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