Something for everybody! (Well, kinda.)

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had entered a Valentine’s contest over at, the official site for the band DEVO. Well, I didn’t win the first prize Flip Cam as I had hoped, but I did place as a runner up, winning a new copy of DEVO’s latest album, Something For Everybody!

Little Marky and his favorite new album!

The album is pretty fantastic, and I’m not just saying that. Really. I don’t normally like it when “old-timey” 80’s bands try to get all new and hip with the times, but in this instance I enjoyed it. They’ve retained their usual simplistic yet masterful musicality with oddly significant lyrics, but now have a stronger production and fuller sound.

And will ya just look at that sexy blue vinyl! Purrrr.

There was some stiff competition in the contest, including two entries that I thought would win for sure (but oddly enough, didn’t) — a Spudly Pin-up Girl holding a potato bouquet and a fantastic plush rendition of the donut-french fry sex scene from the “That’s Good” music video. I’m not sure if the band actually made the final decision (swoon), but it’s probably far more likely that it was some  random Warner Brothers PR intern pulling names out of a hat.

Oh well. Either way… I love me some DEVO!

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