Luvable and Hugable 2011

I’m excited to announce that I will be featured in the upcoming Luvable and Hugable annual group show at Gallery Hanahou, December 1st to January 6th in New York City!

I’ve created five pieces for the show; since they needed to be “Hug-able”, I made them jumbo sized (all at least 12″ tall), and since they needed to be “Luv-able”, I made them more family-friendly than my usual pieces.

First, there’s Gibby the Orphaned Monster:

Next up, a big old Wolfy Baby!

There’s quite a buzz about Rugbee the Pugbee:

And last but not least, two figures from my Crocheted Friends Forever (C.F.F.) series.


And her pal Bree:

(Each sold separately)

If you can’t make it over to the show in person, Gallery Hanahou has posted a pre-sale catalog for early buying! The link is here: Pre Sale Catalog  and the password is “welovehugging”.

If I remember correctly, there’s some big holiday coming up where people buy things as presents for others. Unless you’ve got some perverse fetish for being trampled by hordes of greedy Target shoppers, please consider purchasing your gifts at independent businesses and/or buying handmade!

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