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Etsy Update – 2.10.11

Please enjoy these latest offerings from!

First, a new Croshame Wearable, the “Hogtied” pin! Have your pork & wear it too!

Next, an updated version of Grimm the Little Black Metal Guy!

Let this cute little church-torcher into your home and he’ll surely set fire to your heart!

And last but not least, we have Teen Wolfy!

This fuzzy heartthrob became the big wolf on campus after joining the school basketball team!

He even comes with his own little basketball.

And stay tuned for an upcoming Valentine’s update with more figures!


Etsy Shop Update – 1.24.11

Here’s this week’s Croshame Etsy addtions!

First up we have Very Rare Indeed.

He’s escaped from the clutches of a hungry fast-food patron and is looking for a nice patch of grass to rest his buns.

Very Rare Indeed

Very Rare Indeed Front

Very Rare Parts

Introducing Croshame Wearables!

There’s the “Lambchopped” pin!

Lambchopped Pin

The Yeti Hat for ladies!


And over at my Doomed to Live store, you can find these knit and crochet-related tees!


"Octoknitter" shirt

Crothulhu (Currently sold out — I am hoping to get more made soon!):

"Crothulhu" shirt

Etsy shop update – 1.16.11

This year I will be trying to update the Etsy store on a weekly basis and making regular posts about it here. Not to worry though, the blog won’t become one gigantic commercial! I will also be posting more reviews, articles and some other fun stuff. (Youtube videos, anyone?)

Anyway, onto the current matter at hand:

New Etsy stuffs for your enjoyment!

Wolfy the Werewolf:

Werewolf A-were-ness month is fast approaching us and Wolfy needs a home!

Tuggin At My Heartstrings:

The perfect Valentine’s Day present for that special someone who stole your heart.

and Monkey Shines:

When a debilitating slip on a banana peel put him out of work at the Peanut Gallery, Mr. Shines just couldn’t face living anymore…

so why not let him hang out at your place?


Have your ‘shame and eat it too!

Normally, crocheted ice cream tends to look a little something like this…
Ouch Cream group back view
But I’ve taken this amigurumi favorite and smothered it with a nice helping of Croshame.

Who wants

Ouch Cream group shot

These cuties are now at the Croshame Etsy Store in four painfully delicious flavors!
Chocky close up
Vanilla fully
And strawberry:
Strawberry closeup

As an added bonus, all Ouch Cream Cones come with their own sticker-tag!
Ouch Creams
Ouch Creams with stickers
Scoop ’em up quick before they all melt away!

Rockawaii Horror Picture Show!

What do you get when you cross the Japanese form of cute known as “Kawaii” with The Rocky Horror Picture Show?


"Rockawaii" Horror Picture Show amigurumi set
My newest Etsy listing depicts four of the beloved characters from the cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with a kawaii twist!
There’s Frank-N-Furter:
Frank-N-Furter full view
Columbia full view
Riff Raff:
Riff Raff - full view
…and Magenta:
The set featuring all four figures can be found over at the Croshame Etsy shop. Check ’em out here!


Hooray everybody! After working tirelessly for the last two weeks, I have finally completed my first listings for the brand new Croshame etsy shop!

Meet the store’s inhabitants:

HOGTIED! Available here.
Hogtied Full
Hogtied fork lift
RODNEY RAMHORN! Available here.
Rodney Ramhorn Full Shot
Rodney Ramhorn - Face
And last but not least, the EVIL ELVES FAMILY! These elf guys are some of the biggest figures I have made so far!
The Evil Elves
There’s Grandpa GOREY! Available here.
Gorey full
Evil Elf: Gorey (closeup)
MIDWICH, available here.
Midwich the Evil Elf
Midwich super closeup
ADDAM, available here.
Addam full view
Addam tree peek!
And finally, little Miss KAREN PINK. Available here.
Karen Pink full view
Karen tree peek!
Please stop on by and have a look, maybe drop a heart or two. 🙂
There will be more work posted soon, including some fun new Horror-day ornaments with a cult movie twist. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that I can see you quivering with ANTICIP… ATION! (Hint, hint!)

Setting up shop — and a note on commissions

I’m excited to report that I will be opening a brand new Croshame Etsy shop this Saturday, November 27th!

Since the demand has grown significantly in the last week, I have been working my bird-like fingers to the bone to complete work for the shop. And for those who wanted to spread the Croshame spirit around for the (un)holidays, fear not! There will be some new, handcrafted “Horror-day” items listed just in time for Cyber Monday!

I also wanted to address the inquiries about having commission work done: I will be accepting special orders, requests and commissions for most things found in the “Antigurumi Gallery” AFTER Christmastime. I really wish I could have forseen this sudden influx in interest and take on some stuff right now, but unfortunately I have to finish some other projects first. I will let everyone know as soon as I am available for commission work, and will also be posting a whole page on the blog about pricing and what will be available.

And a big THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! It’s been great hearing from appreciative folks and meeting new people!

(Hey, look at me being thankful on Thanksgiving! Who would have thunk it…)