Gee “WIZ”!

A couple of months ago I was approached by an Etsy shopper who asked me to make characters from the 1978 Sidney Lumet film The Wiz. Being a total movie nerd, I immediately said yes, proceeded to watch the film about three times, and set about making the figures.

I made Dororthy (played by Diana Ross) and her little dog Toto:

The Scarecrow (played by Michael Jackson):

The Tin Man (played by Nipsey Russell):

The Cowardly Lion (played by Ted Ross):

And the Wicked Witch Evilene (played by Mabel King):

If you’ve only ever seen the original Wizard of Oz, do yourself a favor and “ease on down” to your preferred viewing source (because video stores don’t exist anymore) and watch The Wiz!

Plush You pieces available for sale!

Hostess with the Mostest, Clown Box, and Imaginary Friend — my pieces for Schmancy’s Plush You 2011 show — are now available for purchase online!

You can find them all at the following link:

When Plush Comes to Shove

Schmancy’s Plush You exhibit will be opening this week, October 14 from 5-9 pm. If you live in or around the Seattle area, you should definitely check out the show in person; there are going to be many wonderful plush treasures to gawk at (and BUY)! And for those of you who live elsewhere, the work will be available to view and purchase online as well.

Here is a preview of the three pieces I submitted to the show!

First we have “Hostess with the Mostest”! A former horror hostess who was blackballed from the business, this fine-looking dame skulks around her cavernous Hollywood home pining for the past. Her long boa keeps her scantily clad chest warm, and her skull friend Yorick keeps her in good company.

Next up is “Imaginary Friend”. Billy is a bit timid when it comes to making friends with other boys his age (Mom calls it “Juvenile Social Anxiety Disorder”) and finds it hard to talk to other kids. To alleviate his loneliness, Billy invented a pal named Jasper who knows him better than anyone else. Unfortunately, Jasper has been diagnosed as claustrophobic and needs some extra breathing room.

Finally, we have something a little different than the usual Croshame antigurumi mayhem. I combined crochet and canvas to create this two-faced Clown Box, representing the best of times and the worst of times.


Hey — Plush YOU, buddy!!!

I’m excited to announce that next month I will be showing three new pieces in the popular annual toy exhibit PLUSH YOU, put on by Schmancy Toys in Seattle, WA.

I will be showing alongside many other plush artists from around the world, and it’s sure to be a spectacular event. I’m going to keep my actual pieces secret until next month, but  to tide you over, tiny morsels of information can be gleaned by checking out this mini-interview I did with Kristen Rask, owner of Schmancy — found HERE.

I will be posting more information about the show and some photos soon… so keep yer britches on and stay tuned!

Knock knock… who’s there? Banana-gurumi!

It’s been a long while since my last toy bomb/drop, so I thought I’d unleash another tiny “random act of amigurumi” on the world.

I made a charming Mr. Nanner with a Cherry on Top…

…bagged him up with a little note…

…and set him free in the wilds of Golden Gate Park.

A tribute to the memory of bananas; a gift for my unknown “Best Friend”.

(Note the inscription’s quotation marks around “Best Friend.” Sarcastic much?)

Mr. Nannerpants was gone by the next day. Hopefully he was adopted into an appreciative and deserving family, but there’s also a strong likelihood that some homeless Golden Gate Park denizen used him as toilet paper.

Oh well, c’est la vie… in San Francisco, anyway.

Last Bomb Standing

Well, the majority of my pieces from International Yarn Bombing Day are long gone… but the sole remaining piece recently got a little addition from an admirer.

How I Spent Yarn Bombing Day

Yesterday was a rousing success and one heck of a good time.

I had started the day before with a practice run on a Golden Gate Park visitor map. By the next day my piece was amazingly still there, but looking a little down in the dumps from the morning dew and SF fog.

 My first yarn bomb of the day was too good to pass up. A life-size bronze portrait of horticulturalist and former Superintendent of Golden Gate Park (as well as one of its original builders), John McLaren. He loved the park and its plants and trees, but absolutely despised the idea of any statues invading the peaceful landscape.

So of course, they built a giant statue of him — located right across from a giant cemented area where noisy roller skaters dance around to obnoxious disco music.

Chuck and I love to look at ducks in the pond near this bench, but the piece is probably gone by now since I stupidly put it on the end and not in the middle… lesson learned.

Went over to the AIDS Memorial Grove area, but it was pretty crowded. We had to surreptitiously wait a little while to photograph this piece up because an older couple stopped to look at it.

 I made sure to hit up the lamp post right outside my living room window…

…so now all I have to do is look right outside and see my handiwork.

There was one more piece featured in the video, but unfortunately we couldn’t snap any pictures of it before Johnny Law rolled up and we hightailed it outta there!

All in all, I’d say it was a mightily triumphant endeavor.

I hope everyone else had a safe and wonderful IYBD!!

New Pattern: Twinkerball!

Well, it’s official. I’ve caught the pattern-writing bug!

I’ve loved to write, draw and publish zines for most of my life, so making patterns doesn’t really seem too far off. The organization, illustration and writing of instructions can be time-consuming, but once you get the hang of the layout and pattern “language”, it’s totally fun!

So without further ado I proudly introduce my latest for-sale pattern,


You may recognize Twinkerball from her previous appearance, cradled in the arms of socialite owner Cairo Sheraton. Well now YOU too can own this highly-sought after paparazzi pup with this simple and fun pattern!

Easy enough for a beginner, the 5-page PDF pattern provides both written instructions and photo illustrations. All that is required for the project is worsted-weight yarn in light tan, pink and yellow; 14mm safety eyes; stuffing; black embroidery thread; and a small bit of blush and a cotton swab. (As well as the usual “F”/3.75mm crochet hook, yarn needle, and scissors.)

You can scoop up little Twinkerball’s pattern over at the Ravelry store or over at the Etsy store!

Oh and by the way, the PIZZA PIE GUY pattern price has been “sliced” to $5! 🙂


The So-So Socialite

Croshame is proud to present its latest creation…

Cairo Sheraton!

Cairo is a billionaire superstar heiress with the world wrapped around her little finger. When she’s not shopping at haute couture boutiques or partying at exclusive nightclubs, Cairo can be found posing for eager paparazzi with her canine accessory Twinkerball in tow. She enjoys long walks down Rodeo Drive, night-vision cameras, wearing skirts without panties, windy days, and pouting for extended periods of time.

Cairo comes complete with her little dog companion, Twinkerball, and a purse-full of cash for extraneous spending!

She also comes with some jewelry accessories: a “gold” necklace, “diamond” earrings and a “crystal” covered barrette! (Little does she know they’re just Bedazzler® gems! Tee hee)

Her arms have wire inside, making them posable!

And of course, Cairo’s skirt lifts up to reveal one of her best features!

(Click the picture above for the UNCENSORED version)

She’s now available in the Etsy shop HERE!

Who wants-a Pizza Pie… PATTERN?!! is proud to announce its first for-sale pattern…


It’s an 11-page pattern suitable for an advanced crochet beginner and complete with visual instructions and helpful construction information. It has been rigorously crocheter-tested and approved, and now you can purchase the pattern and make your own little Pizza Pie Guy for just $6.50! Click the pic below to go to the Etsy listing!

If you go the Etsy route, the pattern will be emailed to you within 48 hours — but if you’ve got an extreme case of the pattern munchies and need your pizza pie delivery faster, the pattern is also available for direct download at Ravelry (click link below).

But not to worry, all you non-crocheters out there, the actual doll is also available for purchase in the Etsy store here!

Bon appetit!

Smother’s Day

Taking the cake

Last month I became marginally obsessed with a slew of “reality” shows and documentaries based around the making of unique and interesting cakes. The entire month, shows like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, King of Pastries and other cake-centric programming dominated the living room TV. And while I badly wanted to make a crazy, fancy, artsy cake like the ones the master chefs were whipping up on the screen, I knew I could never in a million years make the cake I was thinking of.


The answer was yes. Yes I could. And it would be the best cake ever.

This triple-tiered lovely is biggest crocheted figure I’ve made so far… almost 2′ tall! Now, I know I’ll probably never have a bodacious stripper in a feather boa and pasties jump out of a cake for me in real life, but having this in the corner of the room is a nice replacement.

If she could just twirl those tassels a few times, the party would really get started. (See my personal tassel-twirling hero in action below.)

The Bunny Ring: A pattern and tutorial!


Nothing says Easter Sunday like some Silly Pink Bunnies, so in celebration of the season I’ve created my first Croshame pattern, a Bunny Ring!

The written pattern can be found here: BUNNY RING PATTERN

To go along with the pattern, I’ve created a little video accompaniment! (The pattern is in there somewhere, I swear.)

It’s my first venture into both the pattern-writing and video tutorial arenas, so they might be a little rough around the frayed, stained edges — but in the end, it’s all bunny love, baby. That, and some 20+ hours of editing. Enjoy!

Something for everybody! (Well, kinda.)

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had entered a Valentine’s contest over at, the official site for the band DEVO. Well, I didn’t win the first prize Flip Cam as I had hoped, but I did place as a runner up, winning a new copy of DEVO’s latest album, Something For Everybody!

Little Marky and his favorite new album!

The album is pretty fantastic, and I’m not just saying that. Really. I don’t normally like it when “old-timey” 80’s bands try to get all new and hip with the times, but in this instance I enjoyed it. They’ve retained their usual simplistic yet masterful musicality with oddly significant lyrics, but now have a stronger production and fuller sound.

And will ya just look at that sexy blue vinyl! Purrrr.

There was some stiff competition in the contest, including two entries that I thought would win for sure (but oddly enough, didn’t) — a Spudly Pin-up Girl holding a potato bouquet and a fantastic plush rendition of the donut-french fry sex scene from the “That’s Good” music video. I’m not sure if the band actually made the final decision (swoon), but it’s probably far more likely that it was some  random Warner Brothers PR intern pulling names out of a hat.

Oh well. Either way… I love me some DEVO!

Etsy Update 4.7.11

Just in time for Easter, here comes everyone’s favorite trouble maker…

S’tan the Man!

He’s red hot and rarin’ to go home with a lucky friend and follower!

S’tan may be one handsome devil…

…bur He’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven!

S’tan comes with his very own gold chain, for He IS the master of all pimps.

All hail S’tan!

Available here!

St. Putrid’s Day



There once was a leprechaun sot,

A classy gent he surely was not.

When ale made him sick,

The lad had to think quick

and was forced to puke in his pot.


Japanese Disaster Relief

Having lived in San Francisco my whole life, I am well aware of the damage that earthquakes can do. However, I have never in my days seen or been through anything as mind-boggling and horrendous as what has happened in Japan recently. Therefore, I am putting my misanthropy on hold for a little while by donating 10% of all March and April sales from to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake relief fund.

If you would like to make a personal donation to the Red Cross yourself, please follow the link below. Thanks, everyone.

Donate to the Red Cross.

Never Felt Better!!

Well, that title may not be completely accurate, but it fits the post.

In mid-February I had the amazing chance to learn the art of needle felting from one of the medium’s most innovative and impressive artists, Stephanie Metz ( I recently came across Metz’s work quite by accident, and was immediately impressed with her content and style. I had previously seen other needle felted animals and more primitive-looking felted objects before, but what Metz had done with the medium opened up a range of doors I didn’t think were possible. While perusing her site, I noted that she was teaching a needle felting workshop at my alma mater, CCA, so I jumped at the opportunity to learn this intriguing art form from this master fiber artist.

An image of Stephanie Metz at work. Courtesy

The workshop was small; there were only 4 other students (all female) in the class, which kept it really friendly and gave it a “Felting Bee” type atmosphere. The participants were all already artists and sculptors, so that lent itself to some really impressive and spectacular first-time projects. Stephanie was very easy to listen to and incredibly open, answering all the questions people had for her with great honesty and candor. She showed slides of other fiber artists as well as her own art, and even brought some of her pieces to show to people, including one of her “Overbred” creatures, an abstract piece, a teddy bear skull, and some teddy embryos in jars. The work is even more impressive in person, and after learning the basics of the medium, doubly so! She even let the students touch and hold her work, which helped us get a sense of the density and texture of what a finished piece should look like.

I am really excited about where I will go in the future with this new skill under my belt, and will be trying to do as much as my BCT (Burgeoning Carpal Tendonitis) will allow for. (Who’d have thought stabbing hair into shapes would be so labor intensive?) I’m looking forward to combining my more cartoony antigurumis with some more realistic, sculptural needle felting and taking my fiber art to another level.

Ever since the workshop I have been on the lookout for other talented needle felters, and am starting a new link section to showcase their sites. Please check out these wonderful artists work under the sidebar section “Needle Felting Artists.”

Here are some pictures of me in action, working on my current (grandiose) first project — I will hopefully be updating as the work progresses.

Happy V-Day… the Croshame way!

I’ve got a couple of Valentine’s Day cards for this year, both music-related!

First, from my more cynical side…

A Valentine for all those loveless creeps in the world, a crochet portrait one of the most despicable and unlovable men in punk rock history, G.G. Allin!

If you’d like to see more photos of the G.G. figure , I’ve created a Flickr album here! (WARNING: Contains possibly NSFW material including a cluster-stitch weiner, simulated poopstains, a yarn turd and several offensive homemade tattoos. Enjoy!)

And second, from my gushy, lovey side, is my entry for the “Devolved Valentines” contest going on over at

It’s a lovin’ portrait of DEVO frontman Mark Mothersbaugh!

Happy February 14th everyone!


Etsy Update – 2.10.11

Please enjoy these latest offerings from!

First, a new Croshame Wearable, the “Hogtied” pin! Have your pork & wear it too!

Next, an updated version of Grimm the Little Black Metal Guy!

Let this cute little church-torcher into your home and he’ll surely set fire to your heart!

And last but not least, we have Teen Wolfy!

This fuzzy heartthrob became the big wolf on campus after joining the school basketball team!

He even comes with his own little basketball.

And stay tuned for an upcoming Valentine’s update with more figures!


Have your ‘shame and eat it too!

Normally, crocheted ice cream tends to look a little something like this…
Ouch Cream group back view
But I’ve taken this amigurumi favorite and smothered it with a nice helping of Croshame.

Who wants

Ouch Cream group shot

These cuties are now at the Croshame Etsy Store in four painfully delicious flavors!
Chocky close up
Vanilla fully
And strawberry:
Strawberry closeup

As an added bonus, all Ouch Cream Cones come with their own sticker-tag!
Ouch Creams
Ouch Creams with stickers
Scoop ’em up quick before they all melt away!

HAPPY 2011!

Hope everyone has a safe New Year’s Eve tonight!

In celebration of the occasion I created a new member of the Croshame antigurumi family:

Wino Rhino the Party Animal!

This guy can find any excuse to pop the cork open on a new bottle of vino…

… but New Year’s is definitely Wino’s favorite holiday.

You can find Wino Rhino drinking himself into next year over at the Croshame Etsy shop. He also comes with the streamers, balloons and yarn confetti shown.

Merry Commish-mas!

Now that I’ve got all my Christmas crafting done, I’m finally ready to start taking order requests!

Pretty much everything that can be found in the “Antigurumi Gallery” is now available for commission (with the exception of The Exorcist Playset), as well as specific personal requests and ideas.

For further information on how everything works, refer to my new “Commissions and Sales” page, and please contact me at or through the Croshame Etsy site if you’re interested. Thanks!


Lambchopped Redux!

Now available at the Croshame Etsy Shop:


Lambchopped front

This was the first design I ever made, so I decided she was due for an update.

Lambchopped closeup

Now complete with her very own axe!

Lambchopped Back Full
You can find this little dear grazing in the Etsy shop HERE.